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We believe in the power of motion and automation to create a better world.

Get introduced…and for some of you reintroduced to Kollmorgen. Engineers today are able to solve tough problems and make a meaningful difference with Kollmorgen motion systems, AGV control solutions, and automation platforms.

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Machines and Vehicles

As an engineer, the possibilities you can envision and actualize are fully dependent on the power, torque, precision and responsiveness available to you. That’s why Kollmorgen has chosen to pioneer the world’s most advanced motion and automated guided vehicle solutions, making the highest performance easily accessible to engineers who want to make a real difference.

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Design machines, vehicles and robots with confidence. Kollmorgen has been pioneering the most advanced motion technologies for more than 100 years. We offer trusted reliability, global supply and support, expertise for continuous progress, and proven results for the most demanding applications and extreme operating environments.

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More Capable Performance

We believe your motion system should be designed to fit your machine, not the other way around. Whether upgrading existing capabilities or embarking on an all new design, our co-engineering experts will help you achieve simply powerful motion and simply amazing automation, backed by Kollmorgen’s advanced tools, training and support.

Simply Powerful Motion

We believe in the power of motion and automation to create a better world.

AKM2G motors deliver an average of 30% greater torque than previous designs, with no change in package size or mounting.

Our AKD2G dual-axis drives provide up to twice the power density.

AKD2G Integrated SafeMotion options and safe inputs support the design of advanced features that improve operator safety and productivity.

iAutomation unifies engineering and technology to provide complementary solutions within the entire machine line, allowing for consistent evolution of performance.

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